We help businesses to get promotional and training games made.

Core Services

  • Design, Producing & Prototyping
  • Assets & Asset Creation
  • Coaching (e.g. International Collaboration)

We are also the official New Zealand Blocksmith agent which is the basis of many of our services, courses and subscriptions.
Unity is our go to engine for more highly refined prototypes. Our focus is on 3D and Extended Reality such as VR/AR and Mixed Reality.

BlocksmithXR and Unity3D are very Cross Platform.
Between us and our partners we can create any type of 3D or 2D game regardless of whether it is a rapid prototype or a High Quality, polished, fully developed, published release.


  • Robin Hughes is a Game Producer and Coach specializing in bringing Game Concepts to Prototype. Robin works with clients to ensure the design is spot on.
  • Malykai Corterrez is very versatile Game Developer. In the past he attempted a similar startup. Malykai has decided to continue with Your Future Games as a contractor for now.


  • Scott Jacobson is a Rapid Prototyper and Game Design teacher. Robin and Scott have a long history of working together on projects / games for change with a social benefit or impact/
  • Nick Hadley is a 2d/3d artist with a background as Hotel Manager. Robin and Scott met Nick when working on a Game about Melanoma and have worked together on occasion since.

Future Core
This is what we use to describe those we would to become employees or more down the track. Some have been offered shares for services rendered. The most exciting in the shorter term are:

  • Kane Stewart has a background in marketing and has a passion for education and games.
  • Stephen Wadsworth has a very varied background and comes with a fair amount of experience including game development. His specialization is ICT.

Contractors / Partners
We have collected quite a list of game developers we have worked with in the past or would like to in the future. This enables us to be able to deliver on most requests or to recommend/refer others.

Clients / Partners

  • Blocksmith - A US based business. We are their NZ agent. We run Blocksmith based courses and sell blocksmith subscriptions to educators.
  • DNA - Digital Natives Academy - An Esports center based in Rotorua which was run / opened by some animators. The possibility is that we help them get started running game development courses.

Mentors and Advisors
We have a number of mentors and advisors including:

We can use anything from free placeholders right through to highly professional. Hamish Oliver and his friends at Zeviant Audio are very capable and can achieve pretty well anything. Including having access to High Quality Orchestras and Musicians. New Light Audio is another good option.